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You can download a course notepad here

The course notepad allows you to jot down notes which you can save to your computer for future reference.

Select the most appropriate version of the notepad below:

Note: These options all work from desktop computers. Most smartphones and tablets will have built-in notepads (or equivalents) as standard.

DownloadCourse notepad (docx)

DownloadCourse notepad – Word doc (Windows 97-2003)

DownloadCourse notepad – rich text format (rtf)

DownloadCourse notepad – open document text file (.odt)

In addition, if you need a program to open the course notepad, you can download Wordpad for Windows here:

DownloadWordpad for Windows (zip file)

NOTE: As this zip file contains an .exe file, you may get a warning about whether it’s safe to download. You will have an option to ‘discard’ or ‘accept/keep’ the download.