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Testimonial area

I have enjoyed the first part of this course, it has allowed me to absorb the information properly and at a pace that I can work with.
I have made valuable notes which I will use for future reference (if and when needed)
I have also found the information of use for updating with my staff as a refresher.
The questions/quizzes were helpful and really tested what I have learnt
– Claire H 02/03/2018
The course was very informative and detailed with an abundance of helpful videos. It was structured in a way that was easy to understand and I am confident I will be able to retain the information that was taught.
– Yuri N 04/06/2020
This has been so unbelievably useful. I feel much more prepared and more confident to update my risk assessment. Being divided up into clear sections helped keep focus to that area and make it more manageable. I really enjoyed completing it!I found this online part of the course very informative, it was easy to follow and complete the questions, the videos are short and to the point.
– A Bewick 12/07/2020
I found this course very detailed and informative. thank you for this refresher on first aid! I love the fact that you cannot skip and go ahead without fully watching the videos and answering the questions. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to have to complete a first aid course especially new parents.
Great information.
-S Begum 04/06/2020
I enjoyed the course throughout, its helped to refresh my knowledge and understanding of First Aid.
There was also a few new things that will help me widen my knowledge of First Aider.
I also liked that there a visual (text) as well as audio and videos to help me through.
– Fahmida A 21/02/2018
This has been a great way to refresh my memory of my first aid knowledge.
The scenarios made me think about actions I may need to take if this was to happen. It worked well for me by having the questions came the sections I had previously learnt about. It also helped me that it had been pre recorded so I could follow the wording while it was being read aloud as I seem to take information in better this way. It made for a faster and enjoyable process for me to complete.

– J. Still 03/06/2020
I thoroughly enjoyed this course,
I liked the way the course was set out (audio of the script, the physical layout of the screen, including pictures and diagrams). I also liked the linked videos; it gave a greater depth of understanding. The quizzes along the way consolidated my understanding of each subject. Overall, a very well thought out online course.

– Pamela P 20/05/2020
Loved doing this training.
The best thing about this training was that I could do it on my own pace and return to any topic whenever I wanted.
This method really helped me embed the knowledge in my brain
– Robert C 03/03/2018
The course was very informative, and very easy and helpful to follow.
The videos were very helpful and showed quite surprising information that you wouldn’t even have thought about,
e.g the small circular batteries between the ham as an experiment.
I was really shocked as to what can happen if a child swallowed one.

– Alisonne M 23/02/2018
Very informative and lots of information
The inclusion of videos to enable theory to be understood helped to develop my knoweldge and understanding.
– Rebecca W 04/06/2020

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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